4/30/10 - SAVE THE DATE!  

COPE Preparedness is excited to announce “Getting Down to Business”!  This event will feature nationally renowned speaker Lt. General Russel L. Honoré and a Business Continuity Forum in fulfillment of our mission to “Promote Emergency Preparedness through Proactive Community Outreach”.   Table Sponsorship’s available!  Event Invitations will be emailed soon. Register early, we will reach maximum capacity quickly!  To view flyer, click here. To register, click here.


2009 Community Outreach Calendar

1/8/09              Board Meeting (1st Thursday of the Month)
1/7/09              ABWA Business Women Dinner Speaking Engagement (Lonna)
1/12/09            Meet with Mike Martinet- (Area G)
1/16/09            Harbor Area community Initiatives meeting
1/22/09            Community Forum – Post ShakeOut (YMCA)
1/26/09            Presentation to Palos Verdes Homeowners Assoc.
2/4/09              AMSC meeting
2/4/09              Area G meeting on evacuation
2/5/09              COPE Board meeting – Planning Committee meeting
2/12/09            COPE presents at ENLA
2/19/09            Community Continuity Planning Committee Meeting
2/19/09            COPE Forum at San Pedro & Peninsula YMCA
2/20/09            Lonna to attend Providence LCM Hospital Emergency review
2/26/09            Disaster Roundtable UC Irvine
3/5/09              COPE Board Meeting
3/5/09              Woman’s History Luncheon
3/11/09            COPE Presentation to Organization of Woman Executives
3/12/09            COPE Presentation to Gardens Homeowners Association
3/18/09            COPE Presentation to Assistance League
3/19/09            Community Continuity Planning Committee Meeting
3/24/09            BICEP “Staying Open for Business after Disasters”
4/2/09              Community Continuity Planning Committee Meeting
4/4/09              Community Continuity – Phase I
4/16/09            After Action- Community Continuity Planning Committee Meeting
4/21/09            COPE/Major FAIR at Nestle’ Corp
5/6/09              AMSC Meeting
5/7/09              COPE Board Meeting - Community Continuity Planning Committee Meeting
5/13/09            Meeting with COPE & POLA
5/21/09            Community Continuity Planning Committee Meeting
5/28/09            COPE Presentation to San Pedro Rotary
6/4/09              Community Continuity Planning Committee Meeting
6/11/09            Map Your Neighborhood Meeting
6/15/09            Film – “The Right Response” TV show
6/18/09            Community Continuity Planning Committee Meeting
6/24/09            Planning for the Inevitable –seminar
6/25/09            Meet with CSPNC & NWSPNC
7/2/09              Community Continuity Planning Committee Meeting
7/9/09              Presentation to Local 13, ILWU
7/14/09            Presentation at Nestle – emergency prep fair
7/28/09            ENLA Annual meeting
10/22/09          COPSS Quarterly Forum

2008 Calendar:

1/16/08            Harbor City Neighborhood Council (60 attended (20 signed up for CERT)
1/24/08            COPSS Quarterly Public Forum(50 attended)
2/19/08            South Shores Home Owners Association of San Pedro (18 attended)
2/27/08            VOA Parent Head Start of Harbor City (35 attended)
2/27/08            Wilmington Neighborhood Council (100 attended)
3/27/08            Neighborhood Watch South Shores San Pedro (40 attended)
2/28/08            Advisory Committee Meeting –POLA
4/16/08            Senior Services Center of LA County in San Pedro (110 attended)
4/24/08            COPSS Quarterly Forum in Harbor City (30 attended)
4/28/08            San Pedro and Peninsula Homeowners            (15 attended)
5/22/08            Advisory Committee Meeting –POLA    
6/26/08            Community Forum -    HCL
7/17/08            ABC 7 Ready SoCal committee meeting (COPSS as partner)
7/24/08            Community Forum -    HCL
8/6/08              AMSC meeting (COPSS mention 3 times)
8/14/08            Senior Program Director Fair (new mailing list)
8/28/08            Advisory Committee Meeting –POLA
9/4/08              Laura Chick – Community Forum                  
9/10/08            Red Cross and Janice Hahn office                  
9/14-17            Disaster Recovery Convention
9/20/08            Emergency Fair, Estimated attendance 2000
            COPSS raised $15,350.00, ($6,550 went towards giveaways)
9/24/08            Presentation to PV & Torrance Chamber (ShakeOut)
9/25/08            Community Forum -    HCL
10/2/08            Presentation to ILWU Local 63
10/13-16          CESA- California Emergency Services Assoc. Convention
10/17/08          Follow up with Chick, LAFD, LAPD, POLA
10/22/08          Aquarium of the Pacific Fair
10/23/08          Community Forum -    HCL
10/28/08          Wilmington Harbor Christian School
10/29/08          Meeting with LAEMD for follow up on Fair
11/5/08            Presentation to ILWU – Local 94
11/6/08            Presentation to ILWU Local 13
11/10/08          NWSPNC Presentation on ShakeOut
11/12/08          Keynote luncheon presentation-American Society of Engineers–Long Bch chapter
11/13/08          Shakeout participation at Nestlé’s
12/4/08            ShakeOut DeBrief